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band Hero for Wii


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I would maybe call around to various Walmarts in your area to see if they still have one available. You might get lucky. Also keep an eye on Amazon for their 17 days of Video game deals. Right now it is priced at 179.99, but may come down if the special is on the right day. Good luck!
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my walmart has at least 8 bundles of the Band Hero hanging around. Northeast, Ohio. The game only is clearanced at Target. You can play this game with the Guitar Hero Bundles so I would see if that bundle is cheaper. I bought Guitar Hero World tour bundle on Amazon last year for around 60.00 then purchased the Band Hero game only for 59.00 for a cheaper Deal. Now the game is 19.99 at Target and you can surely get the World Tour bundle cheaper somewhere even seen them at our Walmart. Hope that helps
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