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Staples Price Adjustment on computer?


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Last week I purchased an HP desktop at Staples for $399 and I used the $100 recycling promo as well. The same model number HP is on sale in the BF flyer for $299 and Staples is still advertising the $100 program on their site as of today. However, my receipt reads that my recycle discount was .01 and that I paid 299.97 for the computer. However, if I bought the same computer Friday and used the recycling program I would get the computer for $199.


Do you think Staples will price adjust this computer based on how my receipt reads? I think they are going to argue that I only paid $299 for the computer therefore the price is not lower on BF. Any ideas on how to argue this out? I plan on printing out the web page advertising the recycling program and bringing it with me.

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