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If you read the fine print it states that it really costs about .60 cents to bid each time. I tried the trial 100 bids for cheap and suggad is right. Just trying to get a 25 dollar walmart card was ridiculous. I spent nearly half of my bids trying to win it. It shows that the bid might be $1.56 but really that is how many bids have given in order to win that item. Multiply that times .60 cents and you are paying regular price or more. They hook you in by sending you to the beginner site which allows you to win more bids. Then you get to swim with the sharks....never got anything and used all 100 bids. Not going to do that again.
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I tried it a few months back, what a waste of 29.99 bucks! The beginner room that you must enter makes it look like you can actually win on things, but basically all you win are more bids to lose on other things you try for. I really felt like it was a gambling site, with my money and nothing to show for it. I rather bid on ebay and lose and not lose my money! There is another site like that, but at least the bids are 25 cents and somehow it goes to charity (supposedly?).. My advice is I am staying away from them! I have better luck with this forum!
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