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Tivo Premier Personal DVR - $95.04 & Free Ship ($299) @ 6Ave.com


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Tivo Premier Personal DVR - TCD746320 (Limit 2 Per Customer)



Now $99 Was $299


Save 4% with Coupon Code: AFL4COUPON

Cost $95.04 After Coupon



# Records up to 45 hours of HD programming

# Full HD support, including 1080p & 1080i HD formats

# Supports digital cable & antenna (ATSC), as well as over-the-air antenna



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Can I use this with my cable? Stupid comcast wants $15.95 a month for just adding a dvr

You can use it with your cable, but you'll still have to pay the TiVo service fee. Also if you want some channels in HD, you'll need to rent a CableCARD from Comcast which will likely be a few bucks more per month.

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I have just talked to a 6th avenue representative and a Tivo representative. I called to cancel the two Tivos I purchased on 11/13, but the representative assured me that they had renegotiated their contract with Tivo and Tivo is honoring the original terms of activation to anyone who purchased before the 15th. I then called Tivo and they verified that 6th Ave information is correct., however Tivo said it applied to Tivos purchased before the 14th, but since mine were purchased on the 13th that isn't an issue but if you bought yours after the 13th you might want to check with Tivo. Tivo said I could purchase at the $12.99 monthly price, the annual price or the lifetime price of $399 when I activated my Tivo. The only condition is you must have your confirmation numbers so they can check the date purchased.
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