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Xbox 360 250gb


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The Holiday Bundle includes Alan Wake and Forza Motorsports 3. It is kinect ready. Most places should have it, I think.

I saw it in Fred Meyers Ad but they did not get their shipment yet. It is $299.99 and if you have a Fed Meyer and buy it now it comes with a $50.00 gift card with in store coupon and there is a 2 day coupon for $30.00 off when you spend $150.00 or more which I was told would work on it.

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Missy - you aren't likely to find and XBOX360s at a price lower than advertised at the major electronics retailers (Best Buy, Wal-Mart, etc.) because Microsoft's resale agreement stipulates MAP (minimum advertised price). As such, buying a bundle with a gift card thrown in is pretty much the best deal you are going to find. I might suggest that if you shop online, wait for a free shipping deal + bonus gift card, and buy with a cash back credit credit card -- you are going to score almost as good a deal as can be had from a gaming system purchase.

Article on MAP if you're interested: Dealicacy.com/?p=169

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