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Not sure exactly what your feature preference will end up being, but you may want to keep an eye out for refurbished Garmin Nuvi models. They were recalled in August for battery overheating difficulties - a VERY easy fix if you are a refurbisher... I used to manage a few vendors who did this. The problem is in the specs of the battery, not the unit itself. I would wager that these will end up popping up at daily deal type sites and the eBay/liquidation outlets of major retailers just in time for Christmas.
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There are ALOT of good deals for GPS during Black Friday. Depends on budget and features you want. For large screens I think the best deals are:


Best Buy Garmin - nüvi 1300LMT GPS 4.3" w/ Lifetime Traffic & Maps $129

or the TomTom - XXL 550TM GPS 5" also w/ LIfetime Traffic & Maps $129


At Taget, the Garmin nüvi 1450 LMT 5" w/ Lifetime Traffic & Maps $159


Note if you can do without the Lifetime Traffic & Maps, Sears and Radio Shack have deals on some of the same models, or similar Magellan 5" for $30-50 less. A few have just traffic, just maps, or neither.

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