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Wal-Mart Stores Spring/Summer Clothes Clearance - EVERYTHING now $1


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3 Wal-Mart stores within 30 minutes of where I live all have their summer/spring clothes all sizes, all clothes (and flip-flop type shoes) for $1 each. One of the managers was stocking shelves (was surprised to see that level of staff stocking shelves), said all of the Wal-Marts should be $1 because it was an order from corporate!! As of last night, 1 of our stores had tons and the other2 stores had 1-3 racks of clothes. They still had some good stuff left, though!! I got 2 pairs of jean shorts, 1 pair of casual capris, 1 pair of stretch capris, and 1 pair of plaid shorts for $5.XX total.
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