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Toys R Us coupons Monday November 1st only


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Here are some coupons for TRU valid tomorrow November 1st only


Save $20 on 8gb or 32gb Ipod Touch

Plus, FREE $10 Gift Card with ANY

Apple iPod purchase of 149.99 or more


Save $30 DS Lite/DSI Value Bundle

includes Multi Pouch and Baby

Life or Petz: Horsez Family






($59.99 and under)

when you buy ANY Guitar

Hero Rock Band Bundle



Save 25%

ALL Baby Einstein

and Brainy Baby DVDs





Now should I get DS the Ipod Touch now or wait to see what is available Black Friday

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I am considering the Ipod deal. Do you think it will get better come BF though? Also, do you think you can use the 10 off 75 coupon from the toy book?

I have no idea if you can use the coupon, probably not. If we could that would be great. Last year I bought the 8gb Ipod Touch for my DD at BB for $199 and got a $50 gift card back. Now I have to upgrade DS 2 year old Ipod and will be getting the 32gb for him. I am on the fence whether I should just go and put it on layaway that way I have it, I assume I can always cancel if a better deal comes along.:D


Edited: Just checked the small print on the coupon. It is not valid on Video Game Hardware, games, Apple products......

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Thanks, I didn't read all the fine print apparently. I think I will jump on it and tuck it away incase there isn't a better deal.

I have decided to wait (may end up regretting it). Last year I got the 8gb with a $50 gift card from BB. I also plan on trading in DS 2nd generation and his old 30GB Zune. He can get $50 for the Ipod it and $35 for the Zune which I will apply towards the new 32g for him. I was going to keep it but he is having a lot of problems with it and he says the battery does not last more than an hour if that. When he uses it he keeps it in the docking station.

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I will be trading them in at Best Buy. I went to there website and put in the info. Just have to take it into the store. I will take BB gift card instead of cash so I get a little more.

Thank you so much for the info, I have an old zune that I have just laying around, haven't used it in years. Plus there might be some other stuff I can trade in. I had no idea BB did trades.

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