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Holiday Gag Gifts


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I was inspired to hear about different gag gifts ppl send over the Holidays! One of the best ones I did was mix a bogus lottery scratchoff with a few actual tickets and put the gifts into a Potluck pile! I sat there drinking a coffee when I heard my Aunt ask, "Ok! Who's the wise ass!!!"
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I wish I could remember more of them, but I know my uncle and his MIL used to exchange gag gifts every year... The only one I can really remember though, is the "14-karat gold chain" that she told him to get her one year: he bought a heavy chain like you'd use on a farm or for snow tires... painted it (and something to use as a "clasp") with a thick coat of gold spray paint... then using their tops to tie them on, he attach 14 carrots to the chain!!! :D


Look around at Spencer's, Hallmark stores, and any little country festivals that feature handmade crafts for sale... I've see lots of "over the hill" and "hillbilly" gifts at those places over the years and remember thinking, "I bet that wouldn't be hard to make at home!" (Unfortunately, I can never seem to remember them once I get home- LOL!)


I'll keep trying to remember and add them to this thread when/if I do think of more! ;)

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There are alot og good ideas on this page.

I actualy bought a few of these crafts at out local christmas craft showroom the other day to use this year for a few gifts. ( I bought a hill billy piggy bank, hill billy toilet paper, belly button brush, a prayer bear, and a old rag doll) Not usre if those items are on this page or not, havent had the time to look it all over.



The booger keeper is a wooden box or whatever box you choose to use. Put tin foil on the bottom. Then dab a few areas on a table or counter top with rubber cement. Roll each dab around a bit and it looks like a booger. Place them in the box on top of the tin foil and you have a booger keeper. Attach this poem:


My Mother always told me

Everything had a place...

So I've made this Booger Keeper

To keep them off your face!

Just open up the tiny lid

And place them in, with care..

Nobody need know you have them...OR





Candi Roberts wrote: At Christmastime my family gets together to have a hillbilly Christmas(mostly the girls). We make gag gifts and put them in a brown paper bag and play the Wrights Family Christmas. I made a wiener washer out of ivory soap. Just drill a hole in the middle and widdly out the middle a little (just the right size)ha ha!!! It was so funny everybody thought they had something big because it was so heavy.

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