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Target: Buy 2 Video Games get 1 Free


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Starting today 10/31 Target has Buy 2 video games get 1 free. Choose from a select list of games. This deal is also available in stores. THere are a lot to choose from.


Some of the games listed there are others:


Super Mario Bros

Toy Story 3

Halo Reach

Fable III

Star Wars The Force Unleashed II

Dance Central (Kinect) Xbox Available Online only

Wii Party




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I tried an experiment and when I placed three DS games in my cart, none of the three came out as "free" probably because one is sold by another company but "fulfilled" by Amazon.....plus, one I placed in the cart would have had me paying shipping. Will try again (I had used my iPod touch for the experiment, now going to use my computer).
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