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Bissell Easy Vac Vacuum (Pink, Green or Red) - $25 + 97 cent S&H GREAT REVIEWS!!


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Clearance deal has lots of reviews!!


All of the tools on the Bissell Easy Vac are stored on board the vacuum and ready to use for above-floor cleaning. The wire reinforced stretch hose, along with the dusting brush and crevice tool, make cleaning stairs, drapes, baseboards and other areas above the floor easy.

•Rotating brushes combined with suction power for a thorough clean

•Weighs less than 11 lbs.

•HEPA Media Filter captures over 99.9% of dust mites, pollens and ragweeds

•Wire-reinforced stretch hose provides reach for above-floor cleaning

•Dusting brush for dusting all surfaces from furniture to lamps

•Crevice tool for corners and other tight spaces

•20' power cord

•Model #3130L

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Nice find, Marrissa! Why am I not surprised you'd post something pink! lol ;)



Looks like it is also available in Blue, green and red. My son just got his own room in the basement and needs a vacumn so we don't have to lug the big one down. He would not have been happy with pink though.

Opps I guess I shoulda mentioned it came in other colors it just never dawned on me that anyone would want anything other than PINK :P (well since there was no orange !) Thanks guys for adding the picture and the link to all colors

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Pink was out of stock, so I settled for the green. I'm tired of lugging my heaving Dyson up the stairs. I am hoping that this vacuum will do the trick. It's worth a try for the price! I'm still loving my little Bissell ($15?) from WalMart that is wonderful on the hardwoods.
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