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Write a Black Friday Haiku & Win Black Friday T-Shirts [Winners Posted]


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Brad here is is my Official entry:


Jumbled Shopping Carts

Give Mute Witness to fab deals

What a day it is! :smart:


Brad here are some others I created JUST FOR FUN. I hope everyone enjoys them!! I LOVE Haikus'!!!!:D


1. Now the day has come,

Lots of bargains all over,

The Zen of shopping.


2.It starts so early

But the savings are worth it

It is Black Friday


3. And Black Friday comes

All happy shoppers rejoice

Praise all the savings!


4. Early birds stalk sales

This is the day for great deals

All hail Black Friday!


5. Thanksgiving is done

Time for the real adventure

Where’s your credit card?


6. Will your credit card

Burn with the flames of huge sales?

It is Black Friday.


I want a Gotta Deal T-Shirt as much as I want the Net-Book & TV I will be standning on-line for this year. Is anyone ELSE DROOLING for this T-Shirt? I feel like Homer Simpson wanting a donut right now!! :homer: LOL!!!!

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Ohh this is always my favorite contest! :)


Just about Midnight

Half asleep for the best price

Checking my list twice


The line starts to grow

My friends wave and say hello

So cold it could snow


My eyes open wide

As we shoppers rush inside

I don't run, I stride :)


Going down the aisles

With my husband half-hostile

Really makes me smile


Finding all the gifts

On my family's Christmas lists

Puts me in a bliss


I don't want to wait

Until shoppers get irate

Glad I wasn't late

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