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Cheap Espresso Machine Needed-NOT MR COFFEE

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I am the dedicated espresso maker for our office and we've had terrible luck with the Mr Coffee Brand with two machines dying on us within the last year. My coworkers insist we need a replacement to feed their habit.

One machine was business purchased and the original was a colleague's. I am looking for a simple maker with decent reviews nothing fancy needed I just don't want to spend 20-30$ and have the thing explode and die on us. Both that died started by making a huge mess and eventually the knob on the side of machine popped out rendering machine useless.

I have $40 Kohls cash but everything online seems outrageously priced.

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tnkrbel, I have found that the best results come with using the Starbucks pods with this machine although I have had good success with loose grounds as well. Unlike the steam machines you have been using this machine does not have to cool down in between shots, you can take the basket off right after brewing with no danger.
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