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PROBLEM with Thread Post Count


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Yeah.... sorry about that :P


We're moving to the Black Friday server cluster tomorrow night, so to prepare for that I deleted a bunch of old threads. These were primarily old/expired deals, contests, freebies, surveys, etc... that were at least a year old.


This helped make the database a little smaller, which means less downtime tomorrow night and in December when we move back, and it should have a slight overall improvement as far as the performance of the site.


So that explains your (and many others) drop in post count. I only do this once per year, so when you hit 5,000 again, it should stick :)

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Bumping this thread before someone posts a new one. Like we do every year, we've been deleting a lot of older threads (expired contests, expired freebies, dead deals, etc...) to make the forum DB a little smaller for tonight's move to the Black Friday servers, so if you see your post count and various forums' total posts go down, DON'T PANIC!!!! :P
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