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Weekend Contest: Win Black Friday T-Shirts! [Update: Winners Posted]


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Time for another t-shirt contest. This contest will run until noon ET on Monday morning.


To be entered, simply reply to this thread and in 10 words or less, tell us why you love Black Friday!


On Monday I'll randomly select 5 people who reply to win Black Friday t-shirts.


Easy enough? I thought so :)

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I love Black Friday for several reasons:

1. For the great many Jump off the building sale price offer by many stores.

2. For getting a item at a way , way and WAY lower then the normal sale price.

3. Being the " Santa " to many friends and family members.

4. The one day all stores , large or small , that would lower their price to beat their compititors to get us spent money in their store... This is not counting what I call the BF snobish store ( the N store. You know the one that has ANNUAL sale twice a year ? ).

5. And, finally, I love BF because it signal that Christmas is right around the corner... And, it kick off the whole month long of shopping spree for everyone.

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