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Over 2000 FREE MP3 Downloads @ Amazon.com


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I had NO Idea you could get all these MP3 Downloads FREE of Charge from Amazon.com! :eyepoppin


At time of Posting there are 2087 Total!


Choose the Genre of your Choice...

# Alternative Rock (486)

# Blues (60)

# Children's Music (28)

# Christian & Gospel (29)

# Classic Rock (3)

# Classical (213)

# Country (58)

# Dance & DJ (279)

# Folk (75)

# Hard Rock & Metal (64)

# International (148)

# Jazz (77)

# Latin Music (14)

# Miscellaneous (155)

# New Age (9)

# Opera & Vocal (4)

# Pop (240)

# R&B (46)

# Rap & Hip-Hop (184)

# Rock (665)

# Soundtracks (22)


HERE is a LINK to SEE them ALL! :D

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I REEEEEAAAALLLLLY do not mean to "look a gift horse in the mouth" but after looking at hundreds of available downloads, I only saw 2 selections I had even HEARD of.

GREAT link if you are bored and have the time to sample some unheard of tunes, but don't waste your time if you think you are going to score a jackpot of favorites.

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There is a lot of good music by well known artists there. There were about 20 that I knew on the front page.


One quicker way to go through it is to click the 'preview all songs' tab at the top and just write down the # of the ones you like. I do it while I'm browsing GD or answering emails.

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