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any deals on ALLYOU magazine?


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QSP is a magainze fundraising company. They are currently showing 30 issues (2 1/2 year) for $25.00. You don't have to register with any particular school - you can designate the profits to go to an organization of their choice.




QSP is run by Reader's Digest .. the group will get a 40% cut of the cost of the magazine.


You can also search for a local school by using their school locator.

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and I haven't been real thrilled with their coupons as of late. The thing that ticked me off was when they sent out to SUBSCRIBERS coupons that you had BUY a copy of All You in order to use the coupon. I emailed and complained .. they told me that they have tons of subscribers who buy additional magazines to give to friends. right
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