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Nintendo Wii Console White $139.99 free shipping@ newegg.com


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FYI .. the old Wii boxes will not include Wii Resort - the new ones do though, so watch to see what's included in the box. FYI .. this deal only included Wii Play - not Wii Resort.


So expect to see deals on the older Wii consoles until they are gone from the shelves..

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I think Nintendo is getting rid of the 'old' ones because the 'new' ones have the new motion plus controller and Wii Resort Sports packaged inside them. You can buy Resort Sports later, but you HAVE to get the new motion plus controller to play it. You could buy this and the motion plus controller pack w/Resort Sports for $50 and you end up with a extra controller; basically an old controller and a new controller. If you buy the $200 box you only get one new controller.
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