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Electric Scooter


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Hi everyone :)


With the cost of gas just unreal, I have decided (w/o husbands blessing...lol) to look into getting an electric scooter or other form of transportation to do local stuff(post office,errands,lite shopping).


Do any of you have one and if so, how do you like it?


Any ideas where I could score a decent one at a low low low price (did I mention low?). Not looking for the Lexus type brand, just a functional type scooter.


Thanx in advance. :)

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Ross- yes, I believe electric scooters in Cali are. I think some are classified in the same class as mopeds (ie. registration,insurance,etc). As far as a moped, maybe I can find one on the cheap at a yard sale or in the paper. I hate those little horns on em. So if I get one, I will put a truck horn on mine. :giggle:


Bio- thanks for the links! :) Some of those are cute! I get down to So. Cali a lot, so maybe I will get down to that place and take a peek (if they have a retail outlet there) and see what they have to offer. Thanks again.

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The laws in Georgia say that a moped or scooter that goes over 40mph is considered a motorcycle. So you have to get a motorcycle license. I got one at a local rent to own place for $1200. It is a geely import from japan. I believe it was Aarons rent to own where I got it. Cute retro scooter. Gas model. Its just sitting though in the garage now because I never did get my motorcycle license. I am going to sell it at a yard sale soon.


Just check your DMV website for california and see the regulations on it. The scooter webpage that Bio posted might have some info on it since they are in California.

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