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Need sz 12 - 14 boys white pants

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My aunt is getting married next month and she has my 2 sons in the wedding. She wants them to wear all white. I've been searching for white suits but not wanting to spend a lot of $$ because they will only wear this outfit one time.


My other option is to find some white slacks for them and they can wear a white dress shirt from home. But having a heck of a time finding this.


Do you all know of any places that I can find size 12 or 14 white slacks for my boys? Or maybe an inexpensive white suit?


Thank you. :cheesy:

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This is the link to the boys formal wear. The tuxedos were from 32-46.00 and go up to a size 20. This lady is wonderful. When the dresses came in and didn't look lime green to her, she called me on her personal phone and drop shipped similar dresses from another supplier at no cost to me and I had them next day.

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