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Nextel of course has been acquired by sprint. Changed their website I noticed today.


Anyways my contract is up with Verizon in October. Nextel is currently having a deal with buy one get on the i265 phone. PHone is $199.99 - $150 - $25. Ends up being $50 for both phones. Do you guys think this is a good deal. I know they have some free ones sometimes but they didn't appear to have the speakerphone.


The monthly charge would be $60 a month. I am doing a National team share plan at $39 with a addon of $19. One phone is for me the other is for my mom. She wants it in case of emergency on the cell phone side but wants to use the direct connect with me. This looks like the best deal.


Also do you think it would be better to buy it at the store or online? Online I can avoid the $70 connection charge they would do if I bought it at the store.

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make sure the direct connect works in your Mom's area. Chris and I can't use our DC when we are up at his Mom's house.


Would you be able to get a Nextel discount through your work? Chris was able to get something like 10% off when he flashed his work badge (back when he worked at CitiStreet) but that only worked if he went to a store. We got a deal on the i710 phones.

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Ahh okay I got ya. It looks like they cover a good bit of the area we would be in. I really need to call and ask a question. The national team share plan states 400 minutes. I assume cellular. But then another plan says free incoming minutes and they 600, 800 minutes. I'm a little confused at the plans.
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