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ATL Airport Parking...Help!


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Not sure if this should be in Travel or not. I am looking for cheap airport parking near Atlanta's airport. I saw that the airport's cheapest parking is $9 a day, BUT I will need parking for 19 days and that's close to $200.


I found this site http://airportparkinginc.com/airport.asp?airportcode=ATL&sess=383931784 and it seems as if they MAY work with area hotels to provide parking at a discounted rate. Has anyone heard of this service/website or know of any other places that may offer cheaper parking? This price was a steal, but I wondered whether it was legit.



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do you have to pay to park at a MARTA station? When I lived in Atlanta eons ago, you didn't. But you might want to check into that. MARTA goes right into the airport and that would save you tons of money if you don't mind taking all your luggage on the MARTA train with you.


Some of the airport hotels may offer stay here park free - but I'm not sure who does that.

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I've never parked there, but you may want to consider AAA shuttle service. They will pick you up for about $30-$40 per person (in the metro area) and will drop you back off for about the same price. You'll be sharing the ride, of course, but if it is just you, it'll be much cheaper.
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