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New Spring Large Jar Candles $6.25 @ YankeeCandle.com


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Only works on the 6 new spring fragrances....they are $6.25 ea if you purchase in 2:


* Drift Away

* Beautiful Day

* Early Sunrise

* Tahitian Tiare

* Ocean Blossom

* Pineapple Cilantro



Small Jar code - CRM001Z


Medium Jar code - CRM001Y


Large Jar code - CRM001X

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Didn't get the new Spring scents to show up as $6.25, but still a good code.


Got (1) Pineapple Cilantro large candle at regular price $24.99 and (2) Midnight Jasmine large candles for $6.25/each for a total = $37.49 before shipping.

Same here. I got (1) Ocean Blossom and (2) Hazelnut Coffee large candles. Still pretty good deal for 3 candles. Thanks

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Here is what I am figuring out. If I put ONE new spring scent (large jar) in my cart, and then add two other large jars (two of the same scent NOT from the spring line). It shows the two others as 6.25 each. I have tried adding various things. If you add anything else to those 3 the prices all change. VERY CONFUSING.

So far, I tried a new spring scent and either 2 blueberry or 2 buttercream.

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