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Transcription Foot Pedal

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I need to purchase a Foot Pedal for my Intro to Transcription class. I am not getting a degree in Transcription though, so I don't want to spend a lot of money on a pedal that I will only be using for 5 months. The one available at my school's bookstore is $145! I KNOW I can get one cheaper! However, I don't know ANYTHING about the pedals, but I know I don't need anything fancy. It needs to be USB, and have play, fast-forward, and rewind.


If it helps any, the textbook we will be using is Hillcrest Medical Center, Beginning Medical Transcription Course, 6/e, with Audio CD, by Ireland and Novak.


If ANYONE knows anything about transcription and pedals, can you please give me a recommendation for a decent foot pedal to get through this required class?


I want to spend $100 or less....the cheaper the better without getting junk.



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I am a transcriptionist and the pedals we use are very specific to the program used so I would make sure to look out for that. They are very pricey. Some of the pedals require a little adapter type thing from Radio Shack also. Try Ebay for sure- I have saved a lot getting items on there and amazon sometimes has things like stedmans books so you might get lucky and find pedals there.
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