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Craigslist posting getting weird emails


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Everytime I list an item on Craigslist I get weird emails about offering me more than I want with outragrouse shipping added just send them my paypal email etc. Whats the scam on this, to get my paypal ID or to claim they didn't get the item? I mean if I was sending something out,I would insure require signature confirmation and it would have delivery confirmation on it too.....I even get it on out rental apartment, its so weird


oops, guess I am not awake yet, suppose to be in general forum....though I was selling one of my deals that I am not giving for the holiday LOL

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do you check that box that says...it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests?


Just wondering if that allows your email address to post elsewhere.


I don't believe that paypal will email you to send them info. I think you need to contact them through paypal not clicking on a link...but typing in the paypal.com so you know you are actually going to pay pal and not a link set up to look like paypal.


I never got wierd emails from posting on craigslist. But I have gotten wierd emails requests from paypal and ebay scammers looking for my information. Do NOT give them anything. If you do you need to immediately contact paypal and/or ebay and change your information. It is NOT ebay or paypal.

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