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Ugh - Walmart

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I ordered an item on 12/12 and opted for site-to-store shipping since it was going to cost an additional $10 to ship it to my house. The arrival range was 12/15 - 12/22 which was fine. I kept checking tracking to make sure nothing had happened, and it kept saying everything was as it should be. This morning (12/22 - so the last day of the arrival range) I checked the order, and it stated that it had been canceled because the "site to store item was lost in-store." WHAT?! How do they lose an item in the store? It isn't something they carry in-store, so it's not like they accidentally put it out on the sales floor. That weirdness aside, they didn't even notify me about it; if I hadn't been diligently checking online, I would still be expecting my item to arrive today. It's been 10 days since I placed the order, so the fact that they didn't update to canceled status until 3 days before Christmas is also upsetting. I emailed customer (no)service who sent me a response that was basically a politely-worded "poop happens and it sucks for you" letter. I wasn't asking them to comp. me anything; I just wanted to know how something like that could happen and to let them know I was disappointed in the timing of the whole thing; if they had notified me even at the end of last week I wouldn't have been angry. Not only did I not get an explanation, there wasn't even a hint of an apology anywhere in what they sent me.

Fortunately I found the same item that WM lost on amazon for what I had paid at WM (I checked amazon when I first bought, but they were $50 higher at the time), and I paid the 3.99 upgrade from Prime 2-day to overnight shipping, so I hope to have it in hand tomorrow.


I intend to snail-mail WM customer service just to let them know my feelings on the matter - especially the lack of any sort of apology for the extra trouble their error caused. I don't expect anything from that, either, but it will make me feel better to send it. lol


Sorry for the rant... I just needed to get it off my chest.

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Walmart.com is a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE website. I ordered an item and had it shipped to my home, it took 27 days to arrive when it was supposed to arrive within 10. I too was tracking my item and when after 7 days nothing was updated on the tracking, I called customer service which, like you did nothing to help me. They were very rude and pretty much told me oh well. I will never order from them again.
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