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XM Radio rant!


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I am so mad! DH bought a new $20 XM Radio off of eBay and wanted to subscribe to their service. I called and asked about a 3 month free trial I heard about, she went through filling everything out, then activated the radio before telling me I wasn't eligible for the 3 month trial. So she deactivated it. Spoke with DH the next night & he wanted to sign up for the monthly thing so I tried the code I had and it wouldn't work for free activation, I called and it was because she activated it then canceled it. After telling the guy I didn't want it without the free activation he magically figured out a way to get the free activation. I went through signing up for 1 month of the Best package with the online package. It came to $21.96 a month which I verified with him and made him repeat back to me. Checked today & they took out $67.14! I called, billing was closed of course but the lady checked and said he did enter monthly but I was charged for quarterly! I have to call back in the morning but she was noting my account for me with details & I told her to add I am a very unhappy customer and am considering not renewing now,lol. They charged over triple what I authorized so they have a lot of work to do to make me a happy customer,lol.
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I have to agree with you. I purchased a radio from Sirius, and was told that I was getting a 3-month free subscription. Well I received my order, and called to return it, and in the process was asked if I wanted to de-activate my 3-month subscription. I found out that they had charged me 99.00 for the radio then a separate 60 bucks for 3 months- which I had no clue about since I was told that it was free! .... And the real kicker was that the 3-month subscription was due to start the next week! I never would have known if I didn't call to return that item.
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