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Kohl's also has a Kohl's exclusive one that comes with extra stuff...reg price is $89.99 on it, but I got it for BF, with 50% off, then my 15% off pick a day, and then got KC on top of it...


I saw it someplace yesterday, too, but I can't remember if it was K-mart or Wal-Mart...

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We have it and love it. Payed $30 or $35 at Toys r us over the summer. Target is selling them for like $50. Just checked TRU and it's 45$ now. Crazy that thing is going up in price! It was max $40 over the summer. It is a really good cave though!


Might want to wait til after Xmas and see if the price drops back? Probably not an option.


I can't find it on targets site but they did have it in store last week for about $50. Toys r us has it on there site and probably in the store for $45.


good luck.

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