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Logitech Cordless USB Mouse (pink)$12.00 + Free Shipping @ DELL


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A big thank you... I have been waiting for a deal like this. I got my daughter the pink dell laptop for Christmas.. now she has the matching mouse. I didn't want to spend over $20 on the mouse. So I have been looking & missed out on the deals on BF since I forgot to look for the mouse then.. This sure beats waiting on a line in a store...:D and free delivery to boot :gdclap:
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I got one, but now I wish I had waited. It's in Target's ad for $9.99, several colors to choose from.

same mouse?!?! we can always cancel our order if they didn't ship it out.. which you know they don't ship out on Sunday!!! I may just go check out my Target to see what they have. If I can get it there, I will cancel. thanks for the heads up
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I will not be canceling my Dell order. The pink is not available in store. It is online only and to get free shipping, you have to spend $50. So the extra $2 I spent at Dell is cheaper than the shipping would be for me from Target.. oh well.. worth looking into if someone needs a color that is in the store....;)




Quantity: 1



This item is available online, but is not available in stores.

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and from what it looks like, only the black mouse is available at the store! I did happen to find the Microsoft 3000 wireless in blue at Wal-mart for $12 & I picked it up for my sister's daughter 3 days ago. They only had blue for that price.. so if anyone wants, check out your local Wal-mart & see what they have for $12


this is the one that I got in Wal-mart, but online it is much more.....



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Just got back from target they had all colors for 9.99

hmm I guess the online store is trying to get you to shop from them.. not very nice to do.


Thanks for that info.. I may have to go now...;) since Target really is less than a mile from my house.. it isn't like I am spending anything on gas...


I need the pink, and if they have the blue, looks as if I will be stopping at Wal-mart to return the Microsoft one I got there for my niece.

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I guess the weather is nice in Florida to run out ....its raining and 37 out here. :no:


I'll stay nice and warm, and keep what I have...LoL

Our temps are 83 right now.. but the feels like is 86. I am on the south side of the Gulf. About the only thing nice is our winter weather. The rest of the year we worry about hurricanes and floods. :eek:

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I just got back a little bit ago from my Target. Yep, they sure did have them in every color, they had the Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Black & Pink. I got the Pink and called my sister about the Blue. She said she would rather me keep the Microsoft one since that is a 4 button mouse (has a magnifier). I am and have been on hold with Dell for 11 minutes waiting for them to pick up so I can cancel my order with them. They do not have a place on their website to cancel your order :( and... when I did a search on the site to find it, I got some posts from customers who said they had horrible experiences with Dell trying to cancel an order & would never order from them again....:eyepoppin I may just be going back to Target to return my good buy.. and have to keep the Dell purchase....:eek: The $2 isn't a big deal.. but the fact they have me on hold is getting to me now....:gdangry4:.... I haven't hit the post button yet and we are now up to 15 minutes on hold.. all because they don't have anywhere on their website to cancel..... UGH! That is their way of getting orders like this.. people just give up and keep the darn order..


so let it be known, be sure you really want something before you order it from Dell, there is no cancel button........

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OK.. took 20 minutes for them to pick up their phone for me to cancel my order. The cust serv rep said that he could not cancel it "yet" because it has not completely downloaded into their system yet. It was sent to their "vender" and it is showing that the "item" isn't available. :confused: I said to him, then I should be able to cancel if the item isn't available. He said he cannot do that on the weekend. I must wait 24 to 48 hours from "now" then call back to cancel.. ok.. tell me that makes sense to you?! The email I got from them stated my item would arrive by 12/21. How can they give me an EDA if they don't have the item to even ship?! I think they just aren't letting me cancel. When I call back in 24-48 hours, they will tell me that my order has been processed and is now too late to cancel.. I would bet anything... let's just hope I am wrong. Like I said, the $2 isn't a big deal, but I would sure not purchase anything that is expensive from them knowing how they are with their cancellations...:eyepoppin They are suppose to be a good company too.. :no:
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Yeah, when I looked at the shipping, it was $8 :eek:

I would have had to go to the store, but I am just keeping my Dell order, also.

What does your email confirmation say for an estimated date of arrival? Please read my post above.. when I called to cancel, the rep said they weren't even available :confused: so I could not "cancel" my order yet since it hasn't completely downloaded into their system...:confused:

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When you view your order can you cancel it from that screen :confused:


I never tired it, just call them tomorrow I'm sure it wouldnt be a prob these weekend people working dont have no clue...




no you cannot cancel from it, there is no link to hit to cancel. :confused: If you can find one on there, please tell me where on that page. I did email them to follow up with my call. I do intend to call them tomorrow too...

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from the Dell site....


Q Can I cancel my order?

A If you have ordered a Dell system:


It’s only possible to cancel your order before we start to manufacture it.

To check if it’s still possible to cancel your order, please go to the

Dell Order Status tool


If your order is listed as “Pending” or “Order Processing” , you

may still be able to cancel your order – please call us right away

on 1-800-624-9897.


If your order is listed as “In production” or “Shipped” it’s no longer

possible to cancel it. However, after you receive delivery of your

order, you still have the option to return it to Dell within 21 days of

the invoice date. Unless the product is defective or the return is a

direct result of a Dell error, a restocking fee may apply of up to 15%

of the purchase price paid, plus any applicable sales tax.

Note: If your order is delayed by Dell, you will receive notice and the option to

cancel the order in accordance with the FTC’s Mail Order Rule.


now what is really funny, when I called to cancel my order, the "order processing" was listed on it.. now after I hang up, it states "in production".. and once in production, you cannot cancel.. strange.. and the rep tells me to call back in 24-48 hours, sure, by then, if they were in stock, as it said on email confirmation, they would have shipped it to me.. those....euwwww :gdcensored:



and this actually only states "system".. nothing else.. bet they don't have cancellations at all on anything else...


I would never recommend ordering from DELL!

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