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Looking for a small deep fryer

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I had a fry daddy and threw it away. DOn't get one of those types. Mine would get so hot it would take forever to cool off enough to put away. My mom's cord got so hot it melted. I bought a Rival Cool touch. It has temp controls and timer settings. Frydaddy's have one temp. They also are always cool and can be put away right after use . They also have lids. My cool touch has a lid that touch and then you lower the basket so no grease can pop. I paid 19 for mine and since that's what a frydaddy will cost, That's what I'd get.
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We have the Rival Cool Touch that I got at Target several months back. I am not sure that they carry them anymore because I saw them on clearance last month. But if you can find one, we really like it. It's a good size without being huge, and it's fairly easy to clean compared to the others that we have had. I only paid $35. for it too :)
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