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ps 3 games and controller


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Amazon has the Wireless Controller for $39.99....last week it was on sale @ radio shack for $29.99 maybe they will have it again I'm not sure. ;)





Here are other games that are a pretty good deal too



Fight Night: Round 4 $36.99



NHL 2K10 - $19.99



Also Walmart has some of the games on sale....


Here is 2-for-$30 Video Game





and they also have games on sale online/in store.....




Hope that helped if you are looking for something special give me a heads up I have an on going list of things I'm trying to find.... :D

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Looks like they're up to $43.99 on Amazon today.


Walmart has them for $39.96... says they're out of stock online, but you can check local Walmart availability by zip code. It says the stores near me all have them, so hopefully yours will too.


I agree that it's crazy how expensive they usually are ($54-$55)--however, whatever you do, stay away from the "off" brands. Not worth the $$ you save at all IMO.

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