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Skinit.com half off items for cyber monday


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I want to buy a skin for my DD's new netbook, but the brand isn't showing. Do you think it will be fine if I choose any 10.1 netbook as the device?

Just FYI, a lot of times they do not carry certain devices because the skins do not remove properly from the device. I called them about my laptop last year (not being on their list) and they fore-warned me of this. I ordered one anyway (as a generic) and it DID mess up the laptop exterior finish when I eventually removed it. They simply do not remove from some surfaces easily. So... if you have a device with a glossy finish of any sort and its not on the list... be careful!


I love SKINIT for the most part!! Just placed a $200 order for the custom skins, its awesome.. a great way to put someones name on an item too. I had "It this ipod doenst have your name on it, keep your hands off" put onto my sons new ipod touch cover lol. (had his name on the other side)

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Thanks. I had never heard of this site before. I ordered something for each kid. I think these will be great stocking stuffers. I am always looking for different stuff for stockings. Excellent price after the half off. Especially for the customized ones.
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