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he wants something that will charge it for him at night besides the plug in. a clock and alarm would be great too

I know Amazon has an RCA one for about $32.00 I am probably getting that one for my DS for his birthday in 22 days\\


I forgot to say it is also a clock radio too

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thanks for the info. guess what??? i went to ross and they had them there. a really nice one with a clock and alarm for 30$. thought i'd share

I'm trying to find one too but I need a cd player with it. I really want one that can play at least 3 cd's.

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Just make sure that you really read the box. Not all iHome (or similiar products) charge all iPods. Some are just a dock that play the music but don't actually charge. Found this out the hard way before a marathon. The Hilton hotel had a iHome alarm clock. Put my iPod on it. Didn't read the fine print sticker on the unit that it doesn't charge iPods until the morning. iPod was totally drained.
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