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Justin Boots


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I haven't looked online yet for them, but last friday our local Academy sports store had just got in a shipment of 4 different styles of womens arait boots that were $60.00 that were realy cute!

They also had some Justin boots for women for, I think $49.00.

*edit* here is a link to the only pair that i see on their site .. but there might be more.


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I just bought a pair last week at Langston's B&M store and saved $200. I love them. These Justin's happen to be made in the USA too. :) (Extra Plus to me.)


Lanston's has a website you can check out: http://www.langstons.com


Drysdale's in Tulsa is another possibility to try. www.drysdales.com


Corral West used to have a store around here to but it closed. I don't know if they are still online or not.


Sometimes you can get basic ropers at places like Atwood's and Tractor Supply Farm stores.

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