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8gb I pod Touch $137 @ electronics-expo


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Dude i was just on my way to the ATM to get ur bail money.LOL.Man that sucks.Well the above poster said they would send it to you.While you were gone Amazon posted the 8gb 3rd gen for $180 i believe.Or try tomorrow on Amazon if they follow WM's lead they might have the 2nd gen on sale tomorrow.:2wiggle:
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Thanks OP, my daughter just left Walmart with the Ipod touch for 134.00. The manager wanted to try and tell her that they didn't match Electronic Expo, she may only be 19 but she jumped right in and told him that she read their policy on line and would like for him to show her where it says certain stores are not included. He marked it down and she is on her way home a happy girl! I have trained her well!!!:D
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