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Wii price

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I just opened an email from gamestop and there is a list of certain PS3 & Xbox 360 games which they accept as a trade in for the Wii.You must trade in two and you get $50 off a new Wii..or if you trade in an older PS2 that works also. If anyone has a PS2 they don't use much anymore that doesn't seem like a bad deal.
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Just wanting to make sure I am understanding correctly... possibly a wii deal at walmart with a $100 gift card like the xbox 360 last week? We :eyepoppinhave the xbox 360 but my eight year old daughter really wants the wii...she doesn't use the xbox 360 that much but her older brothers love the xbox 360 and they think she is nuts for wanting the wii...I tell them that I must be nuts to because I think i would rather have the wii also....



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