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I've had nothing but horrible experience with etoys. Twice in the last 3 years I've gotten screwed by them. Placing orders and a week later they cancel the order. The most recent was with Zhu Zhu pet stuff. Ordered 2 playsets supposedly delivered by 11/4. On 11/6 they billed my card for both but emailed that they were cancelling 1 of them. Then the next day they emailed saying they were cancelling the other. Scrambled and bought on ebay as I need them for a party. then got a email that one of my items shipped.


Two years ago I preordered a video game about 6 weeks before it's release. A week after the release date I called and asked where my game was and they told me they were out of stock and were cancelling my order.


Be cautious with them

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I ordered from them last month, Zhu Zhu stuff, and had no difficulties - got exactly what I ordered and in a timely fashion. Had I read the troubled posts before that, I probably wouldn't have gone with them. Anyone had any troubles with etoys - they were a new vendor for me.
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