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Adult Chirstmas get together


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We will be hosting again this year an annual Adults only Christmas/Holiday get together. The past years we have always provided most of the food, ( basically all finger foods ) everyone brings their own "drinks" and some bring a snack also. We play cards, and have a gag gift exchange. Im wanting to take it up a notch this year. Im looking for ideas ,food, games, gift exchange etc...all ideas welcomed & appreciated !



P.S. Im so freakin excited for BF & Christmas !

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Some gift ideas:

Grab bag by number

Regifts only allowed

Grab bag with only regifts allowed

Gift swap (tallest to shortest, oldest to youngest, etc)

Across the table gift swap (whoever you sit across from you swap with)

Gift cards in a hat

Dollar store only gifts



These are all ideas my friends and I have done over the years and all end up with some serious laughs

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I think you should do a theme like an ugly sweater Christmas party with Mistletoe-tini drinks or a Snuggie party! Everyone has to come dressed in a Snuggie!! This is my theme this year! I am soooo excited:D


We have done gifts exchanges where all of the items were from the Goodwill, Dollar tree, or a regifted gift.


Depending on the number of people, we usually do a sing for your supper thing where your group or table, etc. has to sing a song with a certain word before they can have a drink or hor dourves.


A Candy buffet is always fun~ http://www.hostessblog.com/wp-content/uploads/uploaded_images/clau_candybuffet_4.jpg I made the M&M cake and it was soooo easy and a big hit.



Forgot to add that this is my Go to for cool ideas http://www.hostesswiththemostess.com/themes/christmas.

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