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Bed, Bath, and Beyond Coupons


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Hi all!


I am trying to finish my wedding registry and am in need of $5 off $15 or $10 off $30 coupons from B,B,&B. People decided to give us lots of gift cards instead of buy us the little things off our registry. If you have any (current or expired because they take the expired ones) that you won't be using, I will take them. If you PM me, I will send you my address or I can send a SASE if you want.



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I PM'd you. Thanks!


I guess the expired coupons thing is store-to-store because I was told that by a co-worker, threw out all my coupons, only to be told they do still take them by the store I go to. I have used several that a friend gave me from 2008/early 2009 in the past 2 weeks.

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