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Hollister Clearance


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Hollister is having a heck of a clearance sale. I got 3 pairs of jeans, a sweater, 3 t shirts, and 3 tanks for 160.00! I have teenagers and the only way they get Hollister stuff is off of clearance.


Some examples:


was 49.50 is 19.90



Was 44.50 is 15.90



Was 59.50 is 19.90



They actually have decent selections of sizes in stock too.

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Does anyone know how the sizes run for Hollister. I am interested in the T-shirts for DD11. She is tiny all of 65lbs. She wears a size small at Aeropostale (XS fits also but I went up so it will last her a whild) to give you an idea and a size 10S at Justice in pants. She wears size 12 or 14 at Justice (again I go up to last a little) Thanks for any help. I have never bought anything from Hollister before so I dont have any idea about their sizes.
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My daughter is 11 too and she weighs about 62 lbs so our daughters are the same size. She can wear an XS hollister but we get her S so it wil last a while. It also depends on if she likes a fitted look or not. My daughter does not like to have her shirts too fitted, so this is another reason she gets a S.
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