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Hallmark Wizard of Oz ornaments

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My best friend got a Wizard of Oz ornament from her co-workers last year and it had everyone on it but the Tin Man so she wants a Tin Man ornament. I have found some of the miniatures pretty cheap but they are only 1 - 1 1/2" tall. If you run across any of the Hallmark Wizard of Oz ornaments at a good price, please let me know. Thanks!
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There are some reputable websites where you can buy older Hallmark ornaments. Normally they sell for the price on the box as they are the collector ones.


I had to replace my daughters "first Christmas" ornament a few years ago - and I was happy being able to find the exact same ornament.


Google retired hallmark ornaments and you should get a few hits. It might be more expensive then Ebay - but then you don't have to bid - you just buy.

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