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Dollar General 90% off summer toys


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I overheard someone talking while clothes shopping that they had found a great sale going on with lots of things for 10 cents and 15 cents. So of course I had to ask where! And then I went to see what I could find!

Jump ropes 10 cents

Jump ropes with a set of jacks 15 cents

side walk chalk 15 cents

Scuba set( filppers snorkel and goggles) for 80 cents

kites 10 cents

infant blow up flower floating ride in boat 60 cents

boogie boards 40 cents

pom poms 10 cents

shovel and pail set 10 cents

needless to say I got much more than we really needed LOL

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Thanks for posting! Hit 3 DGs and only one had a decent selection (because they still had them marked at 50% off). Loaded the back seat of my truck for under $7! We burn thru summer/outdoor pool toys every summer and give so many of them away during pool parties. Paying a fraction of the retail makes it almost painless!! :)
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I got a swim suit preserver for 1.50, a pool for .80. goggles for .10, lots of floats for .40, .30 and .20, foot pump for .60, ball and bat for .40, water balloons for .20, can't even remember what else. I think I spent about 15.00 on that stuff but I got BAGS of it.
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