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Siemens SX66 PDA Phone

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I have a contract with Cingular already, barely 6 months old, and would like to get one of these phones. The phone costs $650 from Cingular, but if you sign up for a contract and get a mail in rebate it can be had for around $330 from Amazon. Would it be cheaper to cancel my contract and pay the outrageous fee then start a new one and get this phone? I tried looking for one unlocked but did not have much luck.
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I took a look at eBay and you can buy unlocked ones for $540 or so with shipping included. The cost for canceling a recent contact with cingular is $150, so you're cost from amazon would be $480, and you'd have the hassle of canceling contracts and waiting for mail in rebates. If it was me, I'd spend the extra $60 and just buy an unlocked phone on eBay and not have to wait for any rebates.


Actually, I'd probably buy the slightly used ones for $425 on eBay to save another hundred dollars :P

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