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Portable 2 way radios?


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Can someone help me find a good deal on those motorola ( or like) 2 way radios? I need them to have a locking feature so jr. snap cant turn the channel and the open channel feature so he doesnt have to push to talk. He's going to be 9 and we have a VERY small neighborhood, LOL.. but I want him to have a bit of freedom without felling like I have to go chase him to get him to go home for dinner or ask him where he is if I havent seen him go past on his bike in 45 minutes..... and I dont want him to feel like Im nagging him or like his Mommy is a tag-a-long.......

Whats a Mom to do? ..... ;)

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Here are some...












It might be better to get a GO phone, so he doesnt go out of range and he can call 911 if there is a prob...



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