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IPOD or MP3??

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My DH's birthday is coming up at the end of Nov and I would like to find a good deal on an ipod or mp3 player. I don't know much about either! :confused: He runs a lot so not sure if there is a better one for that. And what would he need to be able to run with one? I was thinking maybe BF would have some deals but that is his birthday and I'd hate to not have one at the end of the day. Can anyone give me some pointers or good deal tips on this?


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Get her the new ipod shuffle...they are going to run about $79.....might get a good sale blackfriday, I'll def keep u posted Im waiting for a sale....Walmart sold out already...









Great for running, I have the older one and love it!

First music player that talks to you

Holds up to 500-1000 songs

Support for multiple playlists

Sleek, wearable anodized aluminum design

Includes Apple earphones with remote control and iPod shuffle USB cable

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I'd get him an iPod Nano 4th Generation. It's $130 and has a color screen, the new 5th generation have a video player too but is $175. I wouldn't wait for BF. They don't really go on sale, you'd maybe get a $20 gift card or accessory pack. They are in-stock on Wal-Mart.com. Hope this helps! ;)


Oh and they do sell arm-bands for walking/running. Also keep in mind that songs on iTunes are $1 each! ;)

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