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SKIN SO SOFT Fusion Soft & Replenish Dual Softening Moisturizer $1.79($8.50)@Avon.com


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"The coupon code you entered is only valid for online purchases made with an eRepresentative. '


What am I doing wrong?

I have no idea.....I do have an eRep so maybe that is why it worked for me?



This is a good deal too!




Foot Works Invisible Silicone Sock Cream



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price: $4.99

NOW: $1.49






TrueGlow Shower Gel



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price: $10.00






8 in 1! Lip Palette


SAVE 76% While Supplies Last


price: $12.00

NOW: $2.79




Hannah Montana 2-in-1 Shampoo



SAVE 50% While Supplies Last


price: $3.99





Tahitian Holiday All-Over Bronzer



SAVE 83% While Supplies Last


price: $9.00

NOW: $1.50

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To use the coupon you need an e-rep. On the top of the page there should be a banner or something asking to find a e-representative. Just plug in your zip code, pick a person, and then you can apply the free ship code. It just means you picked a local Avon person to apply your order to.
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