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Team photo packages

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Normally our swim team has a parent that does the photos and every swimmer gets a team picture/individual picture. That particular parent has aged out of our team. We have another parent that is willing to do the actual picture taking but doesnt want to deal with the ordering etc. The idea has snoballed into that we will still provide the free team picture but now give parents options to buy larger packages if they want. I am supposed to be making up a flyer and a "menu" of sorts with options and prices. We are hoping to have this be a small fundraiser for our team.


Whew....Now on to the questions LOL


Anyone know what that frame is called that EVERY team sport comes in?? Has the larger team photo on bottom and smaller individual picture in corner of top. Any ideas where to purchase?


Suggestions for best place to use for photos. I know Artscow has killer deals and I had ordered 1 item from them and was please but I know there was talk about larger orders being VERY slow. Is that still the case?


Suggestions for other places? Want to be able to do 2-3 sizes, maybe buttons, keychains, and similar.

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i ordered 2 orders last night as a sample to take back to the parents/board plus the memory mates(found on ebay)


Wondering if I should order some from another site though... I like all the deals on Arts cow but i wont know what will be the sale when I go to order so I have to plan on the full price and the shipping is a bit WHOA there. Not sure if someplace like snapfish would be more reasonable for that. Just love all the different things artcow offers

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