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KMart Guitar Hero PS2, PS3 XBox 360


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These are the deals I found

rock revolution for the ps3 for 7.00

I got rockband for the ps3 for 14.00 and rockband for the xbox 360 for 14.00

I got popstar for the wii for 4.00

and I also got a ps3 game american idol for 4.00

Where in Michigan did you find these? The store closest to me didn't have anything.

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I got the aerosmith guitar hero for ps3 $7.00. They didnt have any of the other games. I would have loved to find some for xbox so I could of knocked some xmas gifts out.



Can I just say I love this site I would have never known about a $7 video game or any other great deals I've gotten!:D

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It's crazy, I didn't even know about it, I just happened to go into kmart and was browsing, had just left walmart where I got guitar hero world tour with the 2 guitars for $35, so I looked at what kmart had on theirs and I ended up getting aerosmith with guitar for $7. I didn't price anything else bc they had normal prices, I wish I would have checked now!
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Went back to my Kmart and everything was back to crazy prices. They actually had guitar hero 2 for $95!!!! I was very disappointed in it all so I went to walmart just to check on theirs and ended up getting rock band 2 for $50, I was very excited about that deal cuz it's $100 everywhere else. They also had the rock band 2 guitars for $20, drums for $25, guitar hero aerosmith and guitar hero III were $20 each.
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