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Wii Remote Bundle @ Walmart


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This morning in my local walmart's clearance section, i found a Wii Remote bundle for $19.50! It included the controller and i believe it's a carrying case. Originally $39.99 or $49.99 I believe. It was on the isle with other clearance (GH III games and GH controllers, other items). If you are in need of another controller, just check your local walmart clearance. Mine had quite of few of these bundles.:yup:
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Still $30 by me but I'll keep waiting. I wasn't really impressed by the clearance at my local Walmart this last time around. They are in the middle of redesigning so I figured clearance would be cheap so they would have more room but they've still got shelves of junk moved out to lawn and garden that has only been marked down 10-20% for weeks now.
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