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Charlotte Russe Clearance + FREE SHIPPING = Great Deals!


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preteen?? They dont sell little girl clothes.

They are a teen/young adult store.

I'm 23, my friends range up to age 30 and we all shop there, maybe you have it confused with another store? There is nothing in that store my 13 year old neice could fit into


oh, eta, thier clothes ARE Junior size not womens size. They are TRUE TO SIZE JUNIOR CLOTHES. I wear a 5 in junior jeans at Kohls/Macys/ whereever, and I wear a 5 at Charlotte Russe.

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when we restructured in 2007 we changed our sizes to reflect more "true" junior sizes that were aimed at 13-18 year old. We even had to advertise it for about 60 days at corporates request. of course those who are skinny can fit in their size 0's at age 20. nothing wrong with that. But a 3 jean at kohls wont match a 3 jean at CR. But we all know how women and junior sizes are... you can buy two of the same pair jeans and one wont fit... im just saying form my experience and customers experiences... they al say our sizes have changed and seem smaller....
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